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If your Search Terms are too short you're missing out on free opportunities to increase your sales.

If they're too long you're missing out on even more free sales opportunities (because Amazon may be IGNORING ALL of your Search Terms).

Enter your product's Search Terms to see the true length (as Amazon sees it) and then check Amazon's latest rules below to see if you can increase your sales potential by improving your Search Terms.

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The Search Terms you enter into your Amazon product listing can help make your product successful... or they can be a big factor in causing your product to fail.

Why Are Search Terms So Important?

Search Terms - they're the secret weapon in your Amazon listings... the only part that your competitors can't see (and copy!).

Combined with the product title and the bullet text, they're what Amazon uses to decide when customers will see your organic listings.

Amazon search terms input field

Amazon's Search Terms Guidelines

Amazon has some common guidelines as to what you should enter in your Search Terms, regardless of which Amazon platform(s) you sell on, for example (and this is just a small sample):

  • use singular or plural not both (pick whichever is shorter so that you can cram more in)
  • separate words with spaces
  • don't repeat words (also don't include any words that already appear in the product's Title or Bullets... it's a waste off a valuable asset to duplicate those in your Search Terms)

And, critically, stay under the the length limit.

In some countries Amazon even states:

"If Search Terms are over the limit... none of the Search Terms for that ASIN will be indexed by Amazon Search"

How Does Amazon Measure Search Terms Length?

Amazon generally measures the length in bytes. But not in all countries. You can discover the rules for your country in the section below.

Generally this is the same as measuring the character count... except where letters have accents etc in which case a single letter can count as 2 or even 4 bytes. Use our Search Terms Optimisation Tool to discover the length of your Search Terms in bytes as well as characters.